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About VDOWall


VDOWall is an application which enabled you to create a realtime streaming video out of different sources. These sources can be controlled seperately and are then combined into one single stream, which can then be displayed with a projection device, such as a beamer. This displaying can be used to display cool looking graphics and videos during a party, display information during congresses or other events or even to create prerecorded videos for different uses.

VDOWall is written in C++ using both OpenGL and the Qt toolkit, made by Trolltech. It started out as a project to learn myself programming with C++ and a bit OpenGL, but as a few people started to show interest, I've made it a public project. There is no real goal in this, besides the goal to learn to program, but we'll see what road it follows.


The design is fairly simple: it's an application which acts as a framework for certain plugins. These plugins are used as sources which are compiled into one single stream, the video output. This output can then be streamed to the projection device or saved as a compiled video file onto a storage medium.

These plugins which act as sources can differ from loading images, videos or even create realtime OpenGL visuals. Each plugin has its own controls which are displayed on the application when clicked upon. The design enables people to create plugins from scratch fairly easy, and as they are loaded during startup as shared libraries, one just needs to put the plugin into a directory, restart the application and the plugin should work.